Assorted Client Work

City of Raleigh - (filming, editing, animation)

Tanium Architecture

Ansiblefest 2017 - Conference Opener

Citrix - GoToMeeting

Acronis - MobilEcho

Film & Destroy

Skateboarding has always been an important part of my life and I've been making skate videos for over 15 years. Film & Destroy is my latest tribute to the North Carolina skate scene. It examines North Carolina skateboard culture and features some of the most talented riders in the state.

Case study available.

Wooden Zebra

I won a wooden zebra from an office holiday party a long time ago. I've always loved the figure and thought it would be a fun character to animate. After learning about photogrammatry (3D scanning), I was able to bring it to life in 3D. The model was generated from about 100 photographs and the scene was shot in my living room. It's a short proof of concept and I'm looking forward to making more films with my zebra in the future.

Evolution of the mesh, from 3D scan to ZBrush quads.

This was my first time rigging a model so I kept it simple — a spine, head, and ears.

After a lengthy set up process (learning the tools as I went), my zebra was ready to be animated, lit, and rendered.

Out Front

An experiment with fluid dynamics in my front yard. This is an old animation that I created to get myself up to speed with X-Particles and Octane but I ended up really enjoying the meditative mood of the video.

The entire video was made from this HDRI image of my front yard and a fluid simulation in C4D.

In the Garden

A variety of flying creatures I captured the day before my wife went into labor. She recalls me editing this video in the hospital. These short, spontaneous projects are sometimes the ones I cherish the most.

About Me

I'm a visual designer, sort of. I specialize in 3D motion design, but leaving my comfort zone and learning new skills is my passion. Throughout my career I've found myself working on a range of different projects like creating an employment branding strategy for a global brand to filming medieval vikings in the snowy mountains of Utah.

These days, I'm busy hanging out with my daughter and making animations from my home studio in Raleigh, North Carolina.