Invisible Siege

Pitching ideas to clients can often be predictable. You have your safe ideas, then the idea they will likely go for, and then maybe an oddball crazy one that would be awesome but will never happen.

Verisign needed a commercial to help promote their network security services so we came up with a few concepts. They went with the oddball crazy one. After a brief period of shock and excitement, I found myself surrounded by sword-wiedling vikings somewhere in the snowy mountains of Utah. The end result was an epic, over-the-top commercial to promote Verisign's DDoS protection services.

  • Creative Direction
  • Editing & Effects
  • Sound Design
  • Writing

We worked with Fifty Films to create a storyboard that showed the contrast of a traditional viking warrior to a modern 'cyber warrior'.

Most of the scenes were composed with a side-by-side comparison in mind.

The warrior shoot took place in the mountains of Utah over the course of one very long day. This is me trying to not get trampled.

Behind the scenes of the main set.

Before and after color grading and visual effects.

I used Adobe Premiere for the sound design and mixing. I was proud of keeping the entire project in a single Premiere timeline.

I doubled as Thor's bodyguard during the shoot since he tended to get bullied a lot.

In the end, Verisign was happy with the result and we even ended up winning some awards for our work. It was a treat working with a brand that wasn't afraid (and seemingly enjoys) to take risks.

About Me

I'm a visual designer, sort of. I specialize in 3D motion design, but leaving my comfort zone and learning new skills is my passion. Throughout my career I've found myself working on a range of different projects like creating an employment branding strategy for a global brand to filming medieval vikings in the snowy mountains of Utah.

These days, I'm busy hanging out with my daughter and making animations from my home studio in Raleigh, North Carolina.